Here at John S Blazey Inc. our focus in on YOU. Thats why we are committed to developing a service department with YOU in mind. To do this we asked ourselves:

  • Would it matter to YOU if we had factory trained technicians?
    • We have factory trained technicians ready and able to get your machine back to YOUR yard. This means we have professionals who have been trained to specially take care of YOUR machine.
  • Would YOU care how quickly YOUR machine got back to you?
    • We understand that just because YOUR machine is in our shop does not mean YOUR grass will wait. This means that here at John S Blazey Inc. we know YOUR time is valuable so we are committed to provide fast and efficient turnaround times for our customers.
  • Would YOU want to be kept involved during our service so that YOU know what is going on with YOUR machine?
    • We know that YOUR machines are important to YOU. With this in mind we try our best to keep YOU involved in the steps of our service work. It seems only right that YOU know what goes on with YOUR machine. So here at John S Blazey Inc. we are ready and willing to discuss and explain exactly what was involved in the service of YOUR machine.
  • Would YOU want an option if YOU were unable to bring your machine to our shop?
    • We understand that YOU have other things to do besides bring your machine in to us. So to better serve YOU we have a fleet of vehicles that are available to pick up YOUR machine and deliver it back to YOU when the job is done.

So ask yourself...

Are YOU ready to have a service department that has YOU in mind????

Snowthrower Service
John S. Blazey Inc.
111 Holmes St
Palmyra, NY

Service Description


Please Call for Pricing 315-597-5121

Please check with our service department regarding which brands we do NOT service.

Local Round Trip Pick Up and Delivery Available, Additional Charges Will Apply.

  • Clean and flush fuel system
  • Clean and adjust carburetor/ R&R carburetor
  • Hot tank and rebuild carburetor
  • Test ignition system and compression
  • Replace spark plug
  • Lube and adjust linkage and drive assembly
  • Replace shear bolts
  • Grease rakers
  • Adjust Skids
  • Change oil
  • Check gear box
  • Replace intake gaskets
  • Torque head bolts
  • Inspect and adjust belts
  • Check or replace fuel and primer lines
  • Inspect auger drive system
  • Check auger bearings
  • Check exhaust ports and screen, or change oil (when applicable)
  • Check engine RPM
  • Lube and adjust unit
  • Run and test unit

NOTE: IGNITION AND VALVE WORK ARE ADDITIONAL. Not all bullet items pertain to each listed equipment.